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==  Beijing angered after Japan diplomat calls China militaristic  ==
Xinhua December 10, 2013 China on Monday expressed strong dissatisfaction over remarks made by a Japanese diplomat who said China is a militaristic country. Hidehisa Horinouchi, a minister at the Japanese embassy in Beijing, said if China criticized Japan for passing a secrecy law because this would cause militarism, then China had already become a militaristic country...
[[  Beijing angered after Japan diplomat calls China militaristic ]]
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==  The dominance of the cartoon in a declining civilization  ==
Jon Rappoport Prison October 2, 2013 Here is the function of a cartoon: it can extol and pay lip service to qualities like freedom and imagination and courageand yet these assertions mean nothing because, well, its only a cartoon talking. The most obvious examples are television news anchors and mainstream pundits. They automatically diminish the power and ...
[[  The dominance of the cartoon in a declining civilization ]]
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== British Lord Calls for Nuking Afghanistan-Pakistan Border ==
Lord Gilbert, aka Life Peer Baron Gilbert, a House of Lords fixture, has suggested using a neutron bomb on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border to clear out pesky natives who were radicalized by his country, the United States, and Pakistan.
[[ British Lord Calls for Nuking Afghanistan-Pakistan Border]]
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== CNN: Bradley Manning Betrayed America ==
Even in the face of complete public opposition, the tired mainstream media machine continues its assault on whistleblowers who dare to expose the government. In the latest bout, CNN has featured a story painting Bradley Manning as a terrorist, entitled Bradley Manning betrayed America. And if you support Bradley Manning and whistleblowers like Snowden and others...
[[ CNN: Bradley Manning Betrayed America]]
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== U.S. Nuke Commander Suspended Over Alleged Gambling Investigation ==
Navy officials revealed the alleged gambling related suspension of Vice Adm. Tim Giardina Friday, U.S. Strategic Commands No. 2 officer in charge of the countrys nuclear fighting forces. According to Navy spokeswoman Capt. Pamela Kunze, a law enforcement agency began investigating Giardina June 16 for connection to counterfeit gambling chips from a western Iowa ...
[[ U.S. Nuke Commander Suspended Over Alleged Gambling Investigation]]
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